28/38 neck cap flip to caps & Closure Molds
28/38 neck cap flip to caps & Closure Molds
28mm, 38mm neck bottle caps mold, unscrewing, pum-pushing and other type. Cavities as clients request

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28mm/38 mm Caps Closure Molds are designed with detailed threads which can be ejected using bump-off methods or by unscrewing. When these parts are molded they can be unscrewed from the mold to avoid thread damage or bump-off to eject. DFmold has developed proven designs for unscrewing molds with optimized cooling allowing short cycle times.

Cavities can meet client's request. Normally we can use cold runner for 12 cavities, 16 cavities. But For 24 cavities or 32/ 48 cavities, will use hot tips gate for balance filling. Cycle time will be 20-25 sec when use hot tips.

We have worked with a range of approaches



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