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PC/PMMA transperance part mold, len cover mold
PC/PMMA plastic mould making, transperance Len mould, LED frame mold, Goggle mould to make with S136 harden material.
Cold runner with side gate system, normally need second processing

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High Mirror plastic frame mould details:

  1. Product transparency level can reach optical polishing;

  2. The materials are APC, PMMA, PVC etc., and the molds are designed and processed according to the customer's material requirements;

  3. The color is transparent, the grade is determined by the customer, and there are different design schemes for different grades;

  4. The sketch should be included in the dimensional tolerance;

  5. The supplier places the parts in a tray, one part per unit, to prevent damage to the transparent surface. Never put parts in a trash bin or bag: they must be placed in a pallet. Each unit has only one part until it is disassembled separately for assembly.

  6. The product must be dustproofed, and the mold must be dustproofed to avoid scratches on the high-gloss mirror surface

  7. The nominal geometry is established by the wireframe data. The following tolerances with respect to established datums apply unless otherwise specified:

0 to 25 mm: ±0.1

>25 to 100 mm: ±0.2

>100 to 200 mm: ±0.3

>200 to 400 mm: ±0.4

>400 to 800 mm: ±0.6

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Lamp Mold.jpg

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