magazines mold making
Good plastic magazine mould
5.56*39 plastic magazine mould. Cold runner system, single cavity. 1.2344 steel for core and cavity. Cylinder to release the stroke

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Plastic Magazine mould details:

  1. Standard: OEM mould making, we can support well;

  2. Cavity No.:  single cavity, cold runner side gate;

  3. Mold steel: 2344 for core and cavity, S136 for sliders. S50C for mold base;

  4. Mold steel hardness: 48-50HRC for core and cavity, 52HRC for slider's insert;

  5. Mold precision: 0.01 mm tolerance, texture on cover surface;

  6. Mold size: 450*800*550 without cylinder;

  7. Clamping force: 250 Ton;

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